The Rolling Stones

arton30.png I got involved in this project at Studio Davout in Paris, where the various takes of the selected songs were carefully listened to in order to make the final selection for the album.
Album « No security », Virgin, 1998

For those with an eye for the finer details, we salute you...

That’s no less than 865 Kg of tapes that were delivered by a hot summer evening at Davout’s Studio B.

After one week working with the band, I got so used to the tapes that the audience was "just" the tracks 47 and 48, where the ambiance tracks (originally recorded on DA-88) were compiled to make things easier for us. When I afterwards went to the Stade de France where the Paris concert (not recorded) took place, I realized what those two faders really meant: 80,500 persons - incredible sensation.

For those wondering where each of the album’s track comes from, here’s a present from my Filemaker database: